User Experience Design.

There are many key factors to understanding the design of your website and how it affects the end user experience. We recognise that in order to build great user experiences the design of your website plays a vital role in helping define what works best for its users.

We analyse and define a sequence of interactions between your users and your system, and design to meet or support user needs and goals, primarily, while also satisfying your system’s requirements and company objectives by building user cases, website flow diagrams, site maps and wireframes.




Why is UX important?

Have you ever been on a website that doesn’t work the way you expect or that doesn’t quite meet your needs? so how did it made you feel? Frustrated? Confused? So, now imagine your website not working the way your users expected it to. There you have it, thats how your users feel.




Why you need good user experiences.

If your website is poorly designed and disorganised then what kind of impression does this give to your potential users about your company? Exactly. Not a very good one. Great user experiences don’t happen by accident. They require hard work. In order for Marble to define the UX vision and strategy across the company we would work with marketing, product management, R&D, and customer support to understand the full end-to-end customer experience at both ends of the spectrum. If you can improve your websites user experience you can expect to see an increase in all these areas:

• Customer / Client Loyalty
• Return on Investment & Conversion Rates
• Efficiency & Productivity
• Customer Satisfaction

So, remember your customers / clients are your users, so treat them well.

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