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“marble have transformed Vital Skills into a fantastic marketing tool that is sure to change the companies performance.”
Victoria Ornstein Marketing Manager
Vital Skills Website Banner Design
Vital Skills iPad Website Design
Vital Skills Website Apprentice Page Design
Vital Skills Website Design
Vital Skills Website Banner Design

Vital Group approached us wanting help in re-designing and building a website for a sub company of ‘Vital Group’ called ‘Vital Skills’. This company is in charge of managing apprenticeships and training courses in the rail, power and technology sectors. The brief was to create a new, modern and stylish website that would encourage the target users to sign up and apply for apprenticeships and training courses.

Our approach was first to understand the objectives of the target audience and apply that to the business objectives of Vital Skills. We then worked out the core primary and secondary user objectives and put these into a site flow diagram so we could see how we would navigate the traffic through different aspects of the website. Once we had wire framed the entire system we could then access whether we had fulfilled the objectives without applying any design aesthetic.

The new style was then applied with a fresh modern feel that was designed in keeping with the brand guidelines of Vital Group. We added a more contemporary and sophisticated spin to appeal to the young professional apprenticeships but not to alienate the current older training course users.

  • Built on Wordpress.
  • HTML 5 Technology.
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