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“This was a unique and complicated brief from us. Marble listened, understood and added value, they produced a fantastic website that we all love.”
Gary Bury Managing Director
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Textburst Website Design
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Textburst Website Design

Textburst is a bulk SMS text messaging tool designed by Mediaburst for SME and Enterprise businesses looking to market their products through text messages. They approached us with the need of a complete UX / UI overhaul of their old website as it was failing to convert it’s web traffic. The first thing we had to understand was who wanted the product, and what were their expectations. We discovered that the SMS messaging market is saturated with thousands of businesses trying to compete. 99% of these are very heavy on sales and filled with all kinds of cryptic business bumph to bamboozle consumers.

Our approach was to deliver something uniquely transparent and fresh to the market. The most important design aspect was to show real people and the product actually being used in real life case studies. Also by stripping back on the previous superficial content we were able to open up the design so its users could digest content at a more comfortable pace. The design style was purposely created to feel light and airy, to subconsciously make users feel relaxed and confident with the product they where potentially signing up for.

  • An increase in 290 signups a month
  • Mobile friendly
  • Simplified signup flow
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