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“The website tells our story perfectly and the brand has really helped to define our direction, we are constantly told of how great our website is, we love it”
Hannah Liptrott Director / Co Founder
Liptrott and Woosey Logo
Liptrott and Woosey Website Design
Liptrott and Woosey Animation Design
Liptrott and Woosey Animation Design
Liptrott and Woosey iPad Advert Design
Liptrott and Woosey iPad Design

Liptrott and Woosey came to see us with a revolutionary idea to change the face of accountancy. They wanted to give people a new type of accountants, one that was approachable and exciting. A company that would not only help your company but inspire you to push your business forward.

After extensive research we could clearly see that accountancy had a very dull and stagnant stigma attached to it. Many small businesses found accountancy firms intimidating and not very approachable. Our challenge was to break these types of stereotypes with a unique design angle. We had to avoid the obvious stock photography of cheesy businessmen and women with their scary grins and headsets.

Our concept began by creating a friendly illustrated character based on Hannah Liptrott (director). By putting her alongside a miserable grey bowler hat wearing accountant, we created a great dynamic that allowed us to come up with multiple funny story lines on how she would rid the industry of them. The illustrative style really brought the brand and website alive, and the site creates a very emotional appeal to its users, drawing them in with engaging content and animation. We made sure that the copy was punchy, informative and professional to instantly appeal to users who are looking for a new approach to accountancy and thinking of using someone new and different.

  • Amazing costumer feedback.
  • Average time on site 8mins.
  • Expanded now in London and Manchester.
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