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“This was a unique and complicated brief from us. Marble listened, understood and added value, they produced a fantastic website that we all love.”
Gary Bury Director
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Clockwork SMS Website Design

Clockwork is an SMS API for developers run by Mediaburst. They contacted us needing help with a complicated brief to convince SMS app developers to sign up to their new product Clockwork. Research revealed that the users wanted the ability to modify and build upon the core Clockwork API mechanic. This idea led us to design the logo around a clock key which would connect to a robot that produced and sent text messages. This in turn enhanced the feeling of a technical product that could be taken apart and built to different specifications and requirements.

The website design embraced the robot character illustration and we designed and built quirky elements and graphics in and around the website to give the sense of a robot factory assembly line. This art direction all added to the fun, quirkiness of the brand and allowed it to stand out in a very saturated market. Even though the website was heavily illustrated we never lost sight of the functionality. All the site flows, wire framing of this desktop and mobile friendly website centred around simple user journeys and processes in order to maximise conversion sign ups.

  • An increase in 290 signups a month.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Simplified signup flow.
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