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Barbour Product Search Mobile Design
Barbour Product Search Mobile Design
“I’ve got to say the site looks fantastic and it’s a million miles away from where we were previously! I’m so happy with what’s been achieved and i’m looking forward to seeing the benefits with our audience”
Adam Valentine Research Director
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Barbour Product Search is an online building product directory for architects, designers and building contractors. Barbour were looking for a complete overhaul of their cluttered, under-performing and dated website. The main objectives of the re-design were to decrease the high bounce rate, increase time spent on the site and allow users to view a mobile friendly version. After extensive user feedback, research and wire framing we designed a very sophisticated, clean and modern website that appealed to Barbour’s key target market.

We then applied rich key content to replace long and confusing processes, added simple navigation, a search and shortlist function to allow users to save and share products and suppliers. The website is also built using responsive web design which allows the website to be viewed on multiple devices, e.g. mobiles, tablets and desktops.

  • Decreased user bounce rate.
  • Increased time on site.
  • Increase in email signups.
  • Great customer feedback.
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