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“The website has recently just gone live with a overwhelmingly positive response and is set to transform AHF’s online sales.”
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AHF Website Banner Design
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The nationwide furniture store AHF contacted us looking for help with a complete a UX / UI website re-design of their online e-Commerce store.

The old website was currently suffering from a high bounce rate and checkout abandonments. The online furniture market is a highly competitive one and in order for us to help with the visual style we had to understand what was already out there and how we were going to create something new to potential furniture buyers.

We started the project by defining AHF’s business and user objectives. Then by mapping out flow diagrams and site maps we were able to visualise how AHF’s users would navigate through the website and achieve their goals. We then created wire frames in order to understand how all the processes and pages linked together. The new design style was created to give the users a real sense of space to browse the online store with confidence. The design is light, functional and inspirational with a scrapbook feel to give the sense that users were gathering ideas before adding items to their basket.

  • User flow and user case study workshops.
  • Website structure and product category refinement.
  • Bespoke art direction overhaul.
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