From the minute you make contact with us we will begin thinking about your project and how to approach it in order to deliver the best possible result and to give the most impact.

What questions will you ask me ? We will ask you about your business, your experience with running / editing websites, how much time you or your team will be committing to the site, what your expectations are and how you will assess the results.


We use our inital meetings to assess three things:
(i) Are we right for you?
(ii) Are you right for us?
(iii) How can we make the most impact?

What should i bring with me ? Ideally you should bring a brief (printed documents, notes on a pad, or the back of a beer mat!) or a project plan with you. As a minimum we'd expect a clear objective for the website, along with some target market and competitor information.


We'll take time to discuss and assess our approach, then we'll create a project outline and brief with a quote within 2 to 3 days after our initial meeting.

What do you typically charge ? We work on a cost per contract basis and projects based on our fixed day rate of £300.


We use the industry standard Basecamp project management tool to manage the whole project from start to finish to make sure your project is delivered on time and on spec.

How long do these things take ? We typically work on projects which take between 6 - 10 weeks to complete, we will be able to give you an accurate timescale in our initial meeting.


As soon as the project is under way we dive in head first to see how we can maximise our proposed solution whilst ensuring not to impact on the overall project timescale.

How will you solve my problem ? Our creative design process is something that we've developed over the past 8 years and involves a mix of solid fact finding, research, gut feelings and industry knowledge.


With the project now in full flow we'll turn to our favourite tools to help us design, create and build an elegant, robust and above all beautiful solution.

What will you produce for me ? Our services include user experience design, user interface design, prototyping and full system development. We produce gorgeous, frictionless systems that you and your customers will love.


As we near sign off we will make sure that you understand your new system, how to use it and what to do should things go wrong. We'll also seek feedback from you on how you feel the process has been so that we can improve our service in the future.

What do I get at the end of the project ? We'll provide everything our specification promised along with anything else you might find useful, we're not the kind of agency that holds out on Photoshop files if you need them ;)


We're the ones who created your solution and we're the ones on the end of the phone, which means when you have a niggle, you'll get the answers you need immediately.

What happens after the project ? We expect a little teething time after a project during which we'll fix any issues and make sure everything's running smoothly. During this time we'll also talk to you about other potential ideas we believe could add more value to your business and (if required) an ongoing support contract.
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