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Free Websites (Really!)

How Not To Create The Homer Car of Websites. Now we all know free and pay monthly websites are all out there, some better than others. But is there a hidden cost to your business by using one? The answer is maybe, but hopefully this post will shed some light on what you need to […]

The Art of Simplicity – Designing Minimal Website Interfaces

You’d think that building a clean and minimal interface for your website would require less work, because it’s simpler, right? Wrong. In actual fact it requires a lot of discipline, ruthless decision-making and commitment to achieve clean and intuitive web design. In this post I want to share a few things you should bear in […]

How We Re-designed Marble Media.

Last year we made the decision to tackle the redesign of our old website. After nearly three years it was clearly starting to age. We’ve grown up a lot in this time, and produced some very effective and beautiful work that we are very proud of. We’ve just not had time to update our own […]

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